Antonio For The Steelers

How Well Will The Steelers Do Next Season?

The Pittsburgh Steelers are looking forward to having better performance this season compared to last season. The team had average performance last season but it has made some changes which are expected to produce better results. The team has also tried to improve on some of the existing players so that they can perform better come next season so get your cheap Steelers tickets for the season.

The team has set focus on getting better and energetic linebackers and as a result it has added Stephon Tuitt and Ryan Shazier who are young and athletic linebackers. These two players are expected to bring the agility which seemed to be missing last seasons. The fact that they are both young means that the Steelers are not only thinking about next season. Instead they are also thinking about the future and they expect the two superstars to have a great future with the team. Furthermore, to enhance the performance of Stephon and Ryan, Pittsburgh Steelers also has Troy Polamalu who is the only defensive starter over the age of thirty and therefore he is expected to give motivation to the two players and indeed to the entire team.

The Steelers are also concerned about their receivers especially considering that with the exclusion of Antonio Brown, the other receivers have a total of eight catches. However, the team has decided to improve this sector by bringing in a rookie named Martavis Bryant. This new player is 6’4″ and has a legit speed of 4.4 which are qualities of a player who can make a good NFL wide receiver. Bryant is expected to gel well with the team and proceed to become a great player especially considering that he had some great performance before joining the Steelers. His performance will even be enhanced further by his speed where if he combines well with the other receivers, they will be able to play the run game which many opponents finds hard to deal with. Furthermore, if he gains the trust of quarterbacks such as Ben Roethlisberger, he will ultimately find himself playing the role of the third wide receiver. Therefore, the Pittsburgh Steelers have put measures that are expected to ensure that the receivers play better during the coming season.

Even if the team has tried to work on various sectors to ensure that it gets better performance, there are still concerns about what might happen if the new defensive players are injured. This is because last season’s defense allowed an average of almost 28 points per game. This was the main reason why the team did not get very good results since as the other players were working to ensure they get points, the defensive players were not defending as well as it would have been expected. Therefore, if the Pittsburgh Steelers are able to keep all their players fit and performing well, the team is expected to perform well in the coming season.