Big Blue!

Big Blue Wrecking Crew

The New York Giants are looking to reclaim their dignity and prove they are “The Big Blue Wrecking Crew,” and that they deserve that title. Last season was as an epic fail, however the future is looking brighter for 2014. The boys are back and this time it’s no holds barred but you can still find cheap NY Giants tickets online.

The first part of revitalizing the New York Giants is to start with the offense. Ben McAdoo was brought in this season as the new offensive coordinator to revamp a diminishing franchise and this is what he intends to do. Taking notes from last season, the offense could use additional insurance; especially with the amount of injuries that key players encountered last season. The issue they kept having was that a player would be injured and there wasn’t much in choice as far a back up. This season they have Ryan Nassib and Curtis Painter as back-up quarterbacks for Eli Manning; Manning’s ankle surgery is what helped encourage this. You should always be prepared for any situation.

Running back David Wilson, was out most of last season due to a herniated disc in his neck; however he is back and fully charged. Preparing for any situation, instead of starting Wilson, the Giants will have him as back up for Rashad Jennings. This is insurance on both parts. Jennings is an explosive player but may not make it as a starter; whereas Wilson has all the dynamics to be a starter but needs to be brought back slowly. Another unexpected turn was the announcement from Chris Snee of his decision to retire. John Sullen who was waived by the Bengals last season, was brought in as his replacement. New techniques utilizing wide receiver Rueben Randle are also in the works. Randle has the talent despite his flaws last season; he just needs an opportunity to grow. Keeping that in mind, the Giants drafted wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr., from LSU as Randle’s back up; an ultimate powerhouse. Rogers Gaines offensive tackle from Chicago Bears has also been brought aboard this season.

After carefully looking at the Giants’ roster for this season; it’s apparent that the strategy is back up. Yes, they did flop last season with injuries and interceptions but apparently they have learned from those errors. The missing ingredient: which they now have was back up. This is what will bring these boys back at the top where they definitely were meant to be.