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Players to Watch This Season on the Los Angeles Dodgers

The Los Angeles Dodgers have had some good results in their recent games including the 5-2 win against the Pirates in their most recent game. This good performance is attributed to the teamwork of the players where almost every player who is included in the team seems to be performing well. However, the star players of the team have been the main source of inspiration for the Dodgers where particular star players have been performing well consequently encouraging the entire team. Get your discount Dodger tickets today!

One of the Dodgers star players who is really performing well is Hyun-Jin Ryu. In the game against the Pirates Ryu helped the team win with seven strong innings which were the primary factor that helped the Dodgers win. Ryu has been improving steadily since he joined the team and currently it seem that he has been able to understand his weak and strong points consequently utilizing his strengths. Being a left hander means that Ryu plays a vital role and his performance greatly influences the performance of the entire team. He seems like he is going to continue with his fine performance even in the up-coming games and therefore the Dodgers are expected to continue getting positive results.

Another Los Angeles Dodgers star player who has had great influence on the team’s performance is Dee Gordon who is the team’s second baseman. Even though he had an average performance in the most recent game, Gordon has had good performances in the other games. It can be said that the game against the Pirates did not favor him even if his team won, but his presence on the pitch always gives the entire team motivation to perform well. He has a combination of different skill which makes him stand out and be able to handle his second baseman role effectively. Therefore, judging by the last five games of the Dodgers, it is expected that Gordon will perform better in the coming games and continue to give his best contribution to all the games he plays.

Another star player for the Dodgers who is always an encouragement to the team is Adrian Gonzales who is the team’s first baseman. He can be singled out from the entire team as the player who is always very determined of getting good results regardless of how the particular game is going. His primary strong points are his speed and good judgment. He always seems to know what to do at the right time and this has made him amongst the Dodgers fans favorites. He has repaid the faith of the coach by always performing well. Therefore, these are the star players who are currently standing out and help Los Angeles Dodgers get positive results.