Latter Day Saints

Book of Mormon Songs are Performed in the Mormon Style

Want to enjoy some great religious satire music? Then, The Book of Mormon is what you should listen to so get your Book of Mormon discount tickets for the play today. It’s playing on Broadway in New York and the West End in London, with book, lyrics and music, and was released on 7 June 2011 by Matt Stone, Trey Parker and Robert Lopez. The trio won Tony Awards for this masterpiece, including Best Musical. What they use is a nine-member orchestra that includes Reeds, Trumpet, Trombone, Drum, Keyboard I, Keyboard II, Violin, Guitars and Basses to create magical music which is enough to take you by your heart for as long as you are listening the Book of Mormon; many of the songs are actually done in the style of the Mormon Church’s own music.

Mainly the Mormon songs send the audience home all impressed, elated, ecstatic and with their hearts full of love. Even though the musical is obviously poking fun at the church, it does it in a loving way. The best songs from the music are Hello, Turn It Off, and I Am Here for You along with many more good songs like Two by Two, I Believe, Tomorrow is a Latter Day, and Man Up. A large audience worldwide loved all of these songs, but you’ll have to see the musical yourself in order to decide which one you like the best. Hello, the opening song, introduces the Book of Mormon and the Mormon faith to the audience, as they tell in simply the perfect and the best introductory way. They tell all in that 2:52 minute song to readers who may not be familiar with the premise of either the musical or the religion.

Their song, Turn It Off, is a sort of an eye-opener, a song which gives so much positivity to almost all those who listen to it. Little incidents of life that are told in it are simply there to relate the situations of others to that of Mormons and to make them know how to take it all easy. The title in itself gives so much hope as ‘Turn It Off’ is actually associated with the ease of letting go of bad incidents in life; letting go of them is like a mere turning off a switch. This 5:03 minutes song has got it all to be a life-changing song for many for the impact it would leave on a devastated person or anyone struggling with stressful situations. “I am Here for You” gives everybody so much sense of belonging to each other as humans, and is a nerve-relaxer for almost anybody. These songs from The Book of Mormon are enough to just get anybody by his heart and to show him a way to “live”!