Nelson Cruz and Others

How Strong Are the Baltimore Orioles?

The beginning of each season marks a big task ahead for the Baltimore Orioles and you can find cheap Baltimore Orioles tickets on the web right now for this season. In most cases, individual players may take the team to greater heights; however we need to ask ourselves several questions regarding the Orioles. What are the strengths and weakness of this team? Players such as Chris Davis have been more competitive in their play than in the past. However, the general performance of the entire team should be discussed in more detail.


• Baltimore Orioles have young energetic players with more power. Over the past games with other teams, the Orioles have shown competitive performance especially when at home. Davis is a good player with higher pace and he is expected to lead the team with much power. Jones has been a competitive player during the past seasons. He has shown standing performance in the last matches played with other teams. His form is expected to lift the Orioles higher. Nelson Cruz is expected to exert more pressure in the middle thus bringing more power when combined with Davis. Since the players on the team are relatively young, we can expect the team’s stars to stick around for a while.

• Baltimore Orioles have a strong field. Manny Mochado is currently out with an injury, though he is expected to recover. However, the likes of Catcher Weiters will be at the forefront in defending their team. The Orioles have strong outfield which should help the team considerably against some of their stronger rivals. David Lough is expected to improve in the upcoming games this season, and is already much better than when the season began. His performance has been amazing during the last several games that he has played.


• It is expected that team work will provide best performance for Orioles; they can beat their rivals at home. However, many sports analysts still doubt whether the Orioles will be able to win their away games against their rivals. Despite the fact that Davis, Cruz and Hardy are solid players, their defense may be a little weak because Manny Mochado may not be able to start this season. This means that David Lough will need to step up his game.

• Jim Johnson was an effective player during the past season. He leaves a gap which makes it difficult to recover. Though Tommy Hunter is a good replacement, he may not achieve higher performance than Jim Johnson. It remains to be seen how effective Hunter will be for the remainder of this season.

Overall, Baltimore’s fundamentals are solid, but they do have some weaknesses that could leave them vulnerable to their stronger opponents.