The Cowboys Need Help

Will the Dallas Cowboys Surprise the League This Season?

2013 was not good for the Dallas Cowboys make cheap Dallas Cowboys tickets easy to find. The season ended with the team missing the playoffs for the fourth consecutive time. As the new season begins, the team still suffers the absence of Sean Lee. The truth is, the Cowboys have had a bad time in the recent history of the NFL. In the last several years, the team has failed to live to the expectation of its fans. The team has finished 8-8 record in the NFL over the past years.

The question every spectator and commentator asks is whether the team will change its direction and come back a new rejuvenated team that is ready to take its play to the next level. Unless the Cowboys make some critical changes in tactics and players, the future is bleak.
The defense has been dreadful in the past season. The defense plainly failed the fans as they were unable to prevent the opponents’ onslaught on the team. However, some changes have been made. The defense has been retooled with the introduction of a new defensive coordinator Rod Marinelli. Rod has a huge task ahead of him of changing the course of a team that has failed to bring the better of itself over the past season.

Rod is known to motivate a team to new heights. Although he has the technical prowess that is needed to bring out the best tactics to keep opponents at bay, Rod’s main tool has been raising the spirit of the defense. For him, working to improve the defense will be easy. We should expect a more focused and effective defense this season.
The team has also made the right decision to change the offense’s tactics. The introduction of Scott Linehan as the man in charge is expected to alter the way the game will be played by the team this season. Not much is known of the tactician but if there are any changes that will be realized, it will not be over night.

The new tactician is expected to take advantage of Dez Bryant’s potential. With a total of 185 receptions and 2,615 yards and 25 touchdown over the past 32 games, Dez is the main button to be pushed if any formidable changes are to be seen this season. The player has been great in the field, if the others could be brought up, the team would come to par with champions.

My prediction: the Cowboys will not perform as dismally as they have in the past years, but neither will they do magic. The team will improve and may be in the playoffs. But this season will be the beginning of a new chapter for the team.